After having focused on music and audio production in general for many years I slowly felt it was time to upgrade my attention to all of my visual and graphic endeavours. This upgrade started about seven years ago when I became excited about creating animated graphics just with a few lines of script. Since I am not a coder by heart I progressed from using Processing and Flash to using more visual oriented programming tools like Quartz Composer.

Meanwhile video mapping was becoming more and more main stream and I wanted to be informed about or participate in any innovation made in the field of live or real time visuals. I wanted to be able to manipulate video like old-school VJ's but also be able to use technologies that emanated from the game development industry. Not to mention acquiring skills and be able to to manipulate light from projectors in any kind of way and to produce and control light with addressable LED's or what is referred to as pixel mapping.

In the meantime the need to code again became a necessity since it allowed me to add more depth to the visual programming tools I was and still am using. Nowadays with tools like Quartz Composer, which I already mentioned, but also with applications like VUO or Fugio. In this coding I primarily focus on webGL (JavaScript), GLSL or shaders in general (www.shadertoy.comhttp://glslsandbox.com, https://www.vertexshaderart.com or https://www.interactiveshaderformat.com).

Also, regarding the whole Open Source and DIY movement that had become more and more apparent over the years, I wanted to incorporate hard- and software tools that originate from platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Mostly to enable myself to create custom visual content and means of displaying, using low budget and custom hardware solutions.

To go short: anything related to the creation of live, mapped or interactive visuals has my interest nowadays and is something I want to incorporate in my work as an artist and freelancer. This site is primarily meant as some sort of portfolio and maybe in the near future can serve as a portal to show all services and products I am able to supply.

P.S. I still do almost any kind of music or audio production too.