This video is part of a proposal for TodaysArt 2016 in The Hague.

" Wouldn’t it be nice if the Dutch got their guilders back? And if so,wouldn’t it be fun when the people of The Hague could buy tickets again for a movie marathon at Euro Cinema. Or what about all the canals and the zoo? The zoo? Yes, the zoo. After all, The Hague has got The Pier back. Some folks will agree, some folks won’t. Let’s put it to a vote.

“It’s a small world after all (P.M. Back)” gives the people of The Hague and all visitors of Today’s Art the opportunity to get a part of the old Spuiplein back. Not brick by brick but beam by beam. And all this, over the course of the festival. Let's show The Hague who owns The Hague. "

" Piccolo Mondo was an eye-catching restaurant; in many ways a joint for the Dr Anton Philipszaal and the Lucent Dance Theatre. Right above the spot where Piccolo Mondo used to be will hang a cylindrical object with dimensions that approach the original size of Piccolo Mondo. Only elevated for about 9 meters above the ground floor. The main material that will be used for this object is a transparent fabric. The object basically consists of 3 enclosed cylinders, ranging in diameter. The center cylinder will be about 4,5 meters wide, the second cylinder will be about 6,25 meters in diameter and encloses the center cylinder. The third and last cylinder will have a diameter of approximately 8 meters and encloses the first 2 cylinders.

This object will serve as a projection screen, beamed upon by a projector situated on the top of Ming Dynasty or from a scaffolding beside it. The visuals used for this installation will be driven by specific actions and posts on Social Media. These events will be serving as a live feed to trigger the visuals. To be more specific; more likes on a specially for this event created Facebook-page or counting of dedicated hashtags, that can be distilled from Twitter will resurrect Piccolo Mondo. Each dedicated like or hashtag will trigger visuals but a trigger count will be used to eventually and hopefully display the Piccolo Mondo in it’s full glory. Virtually, elevated several meters above where Piccolo Mondo used to be.

That is, if the people want it to be. "

Impression of projection on multi-layered gauze:

Impression of some visuals that could be triggered by feeds from social media: