"JOY IS NOT IN THINGS; IT IS IN US" - Richard Wagner

City Index - NY Mappathon

Interactive visuals mapped and projected on a rectangular piece of perspex covered with thin film causing transparency and reflection at the same time. In the background you can see an abstract city-block moving aside. On the right, left for the viewing audience, a gold, bald wire-framed head reacts to audience passing by. The trigger is generated by a XBox Kinect feeding a patch created in Isadora. This patch sends OSC to a patch made in Quartz Composer causing the head to turn following blobs of audience and bow slightly forwards whenever someone approaches the installation.

In May/June 2014, I was at the Mapping Festival in Geneva. I went there since it was the 10th edition with an amazing bill and line up. But I was specifically interested in participating in the NY Mappathon workshop. It was a 3-day workshop given by the creators of the Syphon framework (Anton Marini & Tom Butterworth), one of the main developers behind VDMX (David Lublin) and under led by CHiKA, New-York based visual artist. Focus of the workshop was learning projection mapping using MadMapper for video mapping and the VJ-applications VDMX or Modul8 for supplying the video source and overall the workshop aimed to create a site specific installation through collaborative work.

         AVA @ Mapping Festival 2014 from AVA Animation & Visual Arts on Vimeo.

         Ny mappathon Workshop Mapping Festival from Perlimpinpin Designers on Vimeo.